Startup HR was established in December 2011 as a resource for new small and medium sized businesses to help them navigate the responsibilities of being an employer as it relates to all areas of human resources, including compliance, employee benefits, payroll, recruiting and risk management. Interviews with startup companies that discuss the challenges they face in launching their ventures and the solutions to them are posted regularly.

Many people have ideas, some go the extra mile to make those ideas reality. What most of them don't expect is the unending downpour of paperwork needed to stay compliant with today's complex labor laws, especially in the state of California. Worse yet, many aren't even aware of the requirements they are subject to when they start their businesses! Startup HR is a blog that aims to help new entrepreneurs focus on growing their businesses while minimizing their employment risks.

I've been an HR professional for over 7 years and worked with literally hundreds of companies in evaluating and addressing their employment risks, often finding opportunities for reducing wasteful spending while establishing a more robust program at the same time. 

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