Facing Rejection With Class

Given the exceedingly tough job market over the past few years, I thought it would be helpful to give a few tips to job seekers on how to handle being turned down for a job. As a matter of law, an employer does not have to contact a rejected candidate to inform them that they were not selected. If you haven't heard back after following up with the prospective employer or recruiter, they have probably elected to move in another direction. However, losing out on a job could be turned into a future opportunity.

* Remember that recruiters or staffing agencies work with multiple accounts and may have other openings that would fit you better than the one you didn't get, so keeping good relations with them is imperative.

If you do happen to receive a call about the bad news, here are a few things that you might try to set up a future opportunity:

1. Always let them know that you appreciate their time and consideration, especially in that they've performed the courtesy of contacting you to tell you that you weren't selected.
2. Ask for feedback! Let them know you are always looking to improve yourself and their input can help you be a better candidate in the future.
3. Express a desire to keep in touch regarding future opportunities. Adding them to your LinkedIn network might be a good idea.

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